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ESAI Teacher Diversity Honorary Special Interest Group (SIG)

Convenor: Dr. Elaine Keane, University of Galway

Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Rory Mc Daid, Marino Institute of Education, Dublin


SIG Purpose:

This new Special Interest Group (SIG) will convene a range of established and early career researchers working in the area of teacher diversity and related issues of inclusion and social justice in education. This new SIG will be the first of its kind nationally and internationally, building on the developing research base on the topic of teacher diversity in the last 20 years in Ireland.


The goals of this SIG are to:

  • provide a forum for discussion and the sharing of project and research experience of national teacher diversity projects, including, but not limited to, those funded under the PATH1 initiative;
  • collaboratively ascertain current research gaps nationally and internationally with regard to teacher diversity and related issues of inclusion (for example, supporting teachers from under-represented groups along the teacher pathway post-entry);
  • determine future research avenues and collaborations, including funding possibilities, to address identified gaps.


Initial SIG Members/Core committee:

Geraldine Brosnan (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick), Declan Fahie (University College Dublin), Eileen Kelly (St. Angela’s College, Sligo), Kirsten Hurley (University College Cork), Gareth Burns (Maynooth University), Elizabeth Mathews (Dublin City University), Miriam Colum (Marino Institute of Education), Karina Ryan (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick), Manuela Heinz (University of Galway), Rory Mc Daid (Marino Institute of Education), Elaine Keane (University of Galway).


There will be an open call for members once plan has been agreed and accepted by ESAI


SIG Operational Plan:

Overall Timeline: Late 2023 to late 2025


Meetings* & Events

  1. In-person meeting at the School of Education University of Galway on 19th October 2023 (day before Second International Teacher Diversity Symposium, University of Galway, 20th October)
  2. In-person meeting, and Teacher Diversity symposium, featuring linked papers from amongst the group, at ESAI annual conference (Spring, 2024);
  3. Online meeting and webinar with invited speaker (Autumn, 2024);
  4. In-person meeting, and Teacher Diversity symposium, featuring linked papers from amongst the group, at ESAI annual conference, Spring, 2025;
  5. Online meeting (Autumn, 2025)


Meetings* will be utilised to share experiences and research on teacher diversity (including from relevant events members may have attended); to plan for the implementation of SIG activities and to reflect on same, and to develop opportunities to further grow research on teacher diversity both nationally and internationally.