Biology Educational Special Interest Group (SIG)

The purpose of this Biology Education SIG is to bring together representations from different stakeholders in biology education (teachers, scientists, teacher educators, educational researchers, professional development bodies) with a view to addressing three main issues as the biology curriculum undergoes reform:

  • To address the gap between policy and practice in practical biology teaching in Ireland by addressing the epistemological differences between the two
  • To address how to give teachers the skills needed to foster genuine enquiry-led biology teaching.
  • To address the important role that biology teaching can play in sustainability and biodiversity education.

Biology reaches 61% of all LC students in Ireland compared to the next most popular subject (geography 43%), and has the potential to have the greatest impact on the ecological and sustainability knowledge of all future scientists, activists, policy makers and citizens.  Exploring ways to change the (internationally) didactic nature of biology as a subject that is learned by recipe and examined by rote, into a subject that emphasises the importance of enquiry, scientific practices and critical thinking skills will enable students to make informed decisions around achieving a more sustainable future world.


For further information/queries about joining this SIG, please contact the convenor or the secretary via email:

Dr Natalie O’Neill (convenor):

Dr. Karen Kerr (secretary):