Conference 2019

Conference 2019 Information for Presenters

Technical Setup

  • All presentation rooms are equipped with a laptop running Windows 7 and Office (PowerPoint) 2013, connected to either a VGA projector or LCD screen. These machines can access the internet via the ‘Radisson_Guest’ Wi-Fi network (see details in conference booklet).
  • Delegates can bring along their PowerPoint slides on a USB drive and copy them to the desktop of the laptop in the room. We ask that this be done before the scheduled commencement time for your paper.
  • All laptops are equipped with ‘deep freeze’ software which means that any files copied to them during the day are automatically and irrevocably deleted once the laptop is shut down or restarted.
  • Please do not shut down the laptop, or close the lid, when finished your own presentation as other presenters may have saved their work to the desktop for quick access.
  • PowerPoint ‘clickers’ are not provided, but delegates may bring and use their own if they so wish.
  • We ask that presenters use the laptops provided, rather than connecting their own, unless absolutely unavoidable. Switching machines impacts on time and often gives rise to technical difficulties. Thank you for your understanding.

Session Chair
All sessions (except symposia) have been appointed chairs. The symposium coordinator (who submitted the original proposal to present) will chair their symposium.

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