This section contains selected resources for people engaged in educational research, and in particular for students in educational studies in institutions of higher education in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The key resource is the Register of Theses. Theses included in the Register should be available in the libraries of universities listed after the title. In those instances where it is known that theses have not been lodged in the library of the institution where the research was pursued, theses have been excluded from the Register. This information is produced by ESAI from lists presented by the institutions. Where these lists are incomplete, or are received too late for the annual update, corrections have been made subsequently.

Please note: the Cumulative Register contains late additions and is more complete.

Printed Volumes

There are two composite printed volumes of the Register to date. The first covers the period 1911-1979 and contains 956 thesis entries. The second covers the period 1980-1990 and contains 1280 thesis entries. These volumes are available in university libraries.