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Invitation to: Comprehensives event in DCU, All Hallows

But that’s a whole other story: the five Protestant Comprehensives, their origins, and early and contemporary stories in Irish and European policy contexts

You are invited to a seminar, co-hosted by the Church of Ireland Centre DCU and the ESAI, exploring the unique story of the five Irish Protestant Comprehensive schools on Friday 27th October 2023 9:30 am – 1 pm, Room 1, Purcell House, DCU All Hallows’ Campus.

The purpose is to tell part of the story of the establishment and evolution of the comprehensive schools that has tended not to be the primary focus of the histories written to date.

The invited speakers are:

Prof. Jim Gleeson, who will give an overview of the history of policy of Irish education leading into the establishment of the comprehensive schools.

Dr. Peter Murray, who will put the education;on developments at Irish post-primary level in a wider policy context.

Dr. Ken Fennelly, who will present on his research about Protestant boarding schools in the 1950s and 1960s.

Rev. Prof. Anne Lodge, who will present new research reporting on interview and document analysis to tell the origin and contemporary stories and expression of lived ethos of the Protestant comprehensives. She will also analyse the relative invisibility of the Protestant Comprehensives in historical accounts.

Prof. AnneLe Scheunpflug, who will present on Protestant education across Europe, positioning Irish Protestant comprehensives in a northern European context.

Details are available here.

Please contact to book a place.

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