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ESAI Environmental Sustainability Statement

ESAI Environmentally friendly


The Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) embraces and promotes environmental protection and sustainability in all of its activities.

As part of ESAI’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact, the Irish Educational Studies journal has already removed all plastic packaging from journal mailing,  a feature which is termed “naked mailing”. It has also removed the plastic lamination (both gloss and matte) from the outside covers of print issues of Irish Educational Studies.

Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our planning for the ESAI Conference 2023. ESAI Conference catering aims to choose local, seasonal produce where possible, providing vegetarian and vegan dishes so as to reduce the environmental impact and benefit communities. We will endeavour to prevent food waste by confirming the number of delegates as precisely as possible in advance of each meal and refreshment break. Disposable, non-recyclable items (cups, plates, cutlery, etc.) will be avoided.

There will be no printed programmes available at the conference. The ESAI 2023 Conference app will be available for all attendees and the Conference schedule will be available on a large screen for all attendees. The conference schedule, information packs and meeting documents will be provided via the ESAI 2023 Conference app or available for download, if necessary, prior to the event.

We make the following recommendations as part of our efforts towards holding a conference which will be an environmentally-friendly event:

  • We request that all participants use public transport or car-pool where possible, please.
  • As the grounds at Stranmillis University College are a designated conservation area and have been awarded EcoCampus status, we advise that delegates should dispose of litter in an ethical manner and recycle waste where possible.
  • Water dispensers will be available in Stranmillis University College and we ask attendees to bring their own water bottles/cups/flasks.

Clicking on this link will enable you to discover the attractions in Belfast and beyond which have been Green Tourism accredited.


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