Curriculum Studies SIG

Curriculum Studies special interest group led by Majella Dempsey (Maynooth University) with partners Anne Looney and Audrey Doyle (Dublin City University) Damian Murchan, (Trinity College, Dublin) and John O’Reilly (University of Limerick).

With this SIG we want to build understanding and to influence curriculum development though engaged dialogue. The focus is to look at curriculum origins, policy and practice. Inquiry into origins encourages us to consider where curricula come from. What are their intellectual, conceptual and empirical foundations? What are the past socio-political influences that shape their present conception and development? Inquiry into policy explores the development of competing and complementary ways of thinking about curriculum, their realisation through policy development, and the enactment of curricular practices in school, other educational institutions and non-formal educational settings. Inquiry into practices allows us to focus on a range of issues, including policy development processes, learning and teaching, assessment and organisational issues such as provision and access.

We look forward to working with a diverse group of people from across the curriculum landscape and to building networks across the globe. We will host a seminar in June 2020 to begin the conversation and to build our community of researchers in curriculum studies.

SIG Convenor: Majella Dempsey

Contact details: Email | Twitter @EsaiSig


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