Conference 2018

Conference 2018

Educational Studies Association of Ireland – Conference 2018
Values and Purpose in Education

5 – 7 April, University College Dublin

We all carry with us sets of values and beliefs developed throughout the course of our lives. The life we live and the people in that life – family, friends, colleagues, our wider personal & professional communities – all shape our lived-experiences which in turn contribute to a sense of who we are and how we see the world. As educators and researchers in higher education, we are also involved in shaping the values and perceptions of purpose held by others. We broker values in a rather unique way.

It is important therefore, from time to time, to stand back and (re)consider the values we work with and through.  We need to be acutely aware of our own personal values and beliefs and of the professional values and purposes of higher education, particularly as these shift to accommodate contemporary concerns. Arguably, there are times when the dominant values of our society need to be defended, supported and widely shared. There are also times when these need to be challenged and where the role of the academic as public intellectual takes on a specific tenor – one that Issitt & Jackson (2013) suggest involves thinking critically and employing a perspective that is informed and supported by systematic analysis. Particularly, perhaps, in times characterised by increasingly strident discourses of ‘HE failure’, the seemingly unstoppable rise of administrative convenience within our higher education institutions, and the increasingly evident impacts of austerity on the fabric and culture of our institutions.

This year ESAI invites conference contributions to a necessary and critical discussion around balancing the expectations of academics, students, teachers, university management, politicians, and others across society with legitimate interests in the values and purposes of higher education on the island of Ireland and beyond.

Call for Papers
The Call for Papers for ESAI Conference 2018 is now open. We welcome proposals from those who wish to present a paper or poster at this year’s conference, or to offer a symposium. Please download the relevant template below, fill in as necessary and return by email to no later than Monday 5th March, 2018 12 noon on Thursday 8th March, 2018 [extension]

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