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Call for Abstracts for ESAI Symposium at AERA 2016

AERA, Friday April 8th-Tuesday April 12th 2016 (exact date of ESAI symposium yet to be announced) Washington, DC.

Each year AERA invites international educational research associations to submit symposia to the AERA annual conference. For many years, the ESAI Executive has submitted a symposium involving ESAI members, ensuring a range of institutions are represented with a symposium theme that provides some scope for a range of inputs and perspectives. This year, we welcome applications from ESAI members to present their work at the symposium. In all, the symposium will include three or four papers over 90 minutes, which should include time for commentary, questions and discussion. The session will also have a chair and a discussant.

As with previous years, we encourage a broad range of themes, as well as a wide range of people (presenters and discussants) and institutions to get involved in the symposium. Key criteria for selecting the papers include (in no particular order):

  • All authors must have a current ESAI membership (membership details are available on;
  • The topic of the paper should be sufficiently broad;
  • Preference will be given to papers that include a number of authors (from one or more institutions);
  • The involvement of early career academics and researchers is strongly encouraged;
  • Collaborative papers that draw on the expertise of ESAI members North and South, or on the expertise of ESAI members internationally is strongly encouraged.

The AERA 2016 conference theme ‘Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies’ will provide the focus for the ESAI symposium, but depending on the submissions, this focus may change somewhat (see We welcome proposals for (i) individual papers or (ii) proposals for a full symposium with details of individual papers. Submissions may pertain to any education/training sector. In your submission please include the following (as directed by AERA):

  • Title – Paper title
  • Paper/Presentation Summary – A summary of no more than 500 words that addresses the basic elements of a research or scholarly paper/presentation for each paper or presentation, including:
    1. Objectives or purposes
    2. Perspective(s) or theoretical framework
    3. Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry
    4. Data sources, evidence, objects, materials or the equivalent for theoretical or methodological papers/presentations.
    5. Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view
    6. Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work
  • Contact Details: Please provide the names, institutional affiliations and email addresses of all co-authors
  • Audiovisual Equipment Needs: Please specify any audiovisual equipment needs. LCD projectors for computer or laptop hookup will be provided by AERA
  • AERA Online Paper Repository: Please indicate whether each author is willing to participate in the AERA Online Paper Repository. Participation is voluntary, but the repository is an excellent way of disseminating papers worldwide and well beyond the Annual Meeting. Please check with each author and indicate their responses.

Submissions should be emailed directly to ESAI at no later than Monday 6th November 2015. The ESAI Executive will review proposals and notify all applicants in a timely manner by the end of November.

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